Past Messages

3 Components of Prayer
4 Steps to Preparing for Jesus
4 Strategies for Conflict Resolution
4 Ways to Overcome Spiritual Dryness
6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy
A Bridge Over Troubled Waters
A Fathers Love Story
A Fresh Start
A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Spiritual Mountaintops
A Kings Invitation
A Nice Place to Retire
Adding Flavour
Anxiety Attack
Are You A Star
Are you ready for the bus
Ash Wednesday
Baby Its Cold Outside
Being A Good Father
Blind Worship
Broke into the Stained Apartment
Building A Spiritual Foundation
Can you spare some change
Car Trouble
Caught in a Net
Center of My Own Universe
Close Quarters
Confused by Confirmation
Conquering Our Pride
Controlling Your Emotions
Dead Man Walking
Dealing with Anger
Dealing with Doubt
Discovering God’s Blessing
Don’t Worry You Still Get Chocolate
Encountering Christ
Excess Baggage
Finding Financial Treasure
Five Minutes for Cross Checking
Five Steps to Forgiveness
Fruit For All
Game Day
Game Over
Get Plugged Into Prayer
God’s Power to Change Your Life
Going Around in Triangles
Going Out On A Limb
H E Double Hockey Sticks
Hooked on a Feeling
How Financial Generosity Leads to Happiness
How to Handle Stress
I Am Iron Man
In Complete Denial
Investing in Spiritual Growth
Is Jesus Really God
Its Complicated
Just Add Water
King of Conversions
Let Go of the Crayon
Liar Liar
Living Out Your Biblical Purpose
Looking in the Wrong Place
Mass Distractions
Missing the Mark
Mission or Maintenance
Oil Change
Overly Passionate
Power Food
Presence not Presents
Prison Break
Reading Ahead
Running Out of Gas
Something to Chew On
Stepping Forward
Stuck in a Tree
The Bare Minimum
The Beginning of Humility
The Disciple Step
The Gratitude Process
The Great Commission
The Key to Letting Go and Forgiving Others
The Language of Faith
The Price of Forgiveness
The Trinity- One God as Three Persons
There is No Plan B
Three Steps to Changing Your Situation
Three Steps to Walking with Jesus
Time Out
Time for Transformation
Time to Fess Up
Trusting God With Our Problems
Trusting God with Our Finances
Walking with Jesus Online
We All Do Stupid Things
What's Love Got to do With It
Whats Your But Like
What’s the Big Deal About The Resucrrection
What’s the Big Deal
Where Are You
Where is God
Who has the keys
Your Mission